How to boost sales for your restaurant outlet through online customer engagement

In today’s modern world, there are numerous platforms for restaurants to advertise their services. From traditional advertising to blogs and directory listing the internet is brimming with options depending on your cuisine.

One particular marketing method is effective and inexpensive in trying to expand your customer base, and that’s online marketing.

Restaurant sales are rarely constant and often oscillate between being sold out to low covers depending on season, economy, competition and many other factors. In the past, it was believed that paying top dollar for conventional advertisement on mainstream media was the route to ensure increasing restaurant sales. While this has the potential to increase sales, it is also an expensive option that does not guarantee results.

The advent of online advertisement has changed the advertising and marketing landscape.

Let’s have a look at some practical ways your restaurant can increase sales.

  1. Incorporate online ordering

This is a remarkable tool and a whole new avenue for sales that can transform your business’s bottom-line immensely. The fact is diners have a lot of options. Over and above the stellar menu you may have, it is imperative that you make it easier for them to choose you over your competitors. The practical benefits of online ordering include

  • Allowing you to clear up your phone lines
  • Allowing you to clear up the lines outside your door (if you have that many customers, that is a good problem to have)
  • Ensuring that diners will not be forced to wait on around before being served
  • The improvement of customer service because the kitchen and serving staff can complete more orders in less time. This achieves higher efficiency in sales and creates more satisfied guests who are likely to return or recommend your services.
  • Your restaurant becomes more discoverable; an online presence makes you more discoverable, and your customers have an option to order your delicacies from a computer or smart phone in the comfort of their living room.

By offering online ordering, you will be providing a convenient dining experience that would set you apart. By making it easy for them, you will invariably be increasing your sales.

  1. Leverage on social media

It is amazing how today, because of social media; a restaurant can convey their brand outside their walls – for free. You can utilize Social media to create a community for your business that expands far beyond your physical location.

Benefits of social media

  • Let’s you engage customers on a personal level
  • Allows you to share mouth watering food photos
  • Allows you to put out exclusive offers for your followers

Leveraging your business on social media will help create awareness for your restaurant in a field inundated by a myriad of restaurants choices and as such increase your sales.

III. Adopt a loyalty program

Over and above having a great menu and an ambient setting with great customer service, incorporating a loyalty program for your entire customer will boost customer loyalty and referrals. A loyalty program focuses on your existing customers and can help you in increasing sales for your restaurant.

Members of a loyalty program spend 19% more when redeeming their reward points and increase the frequency of visiting your restaurant by 75% between the first and tenth reward redemption.

A natural spill over the benefit of a loyalty program is increased visitors as those looking for somewhere to eat might bring along co-workers, family, and friends to your restaurant.

  1. Get a page on Google my business

We cannot argue with the power of Google in winning trust and the fact that the presence of your business on it alleviates any hesitation a customer would have in dining at your restaurant. In essence, it gives your business credibility.

Register your restaurant on Google my business, and if someone is searching for your restaurant on Google, they will be able to see your location, GPS coordinates, opening and closing hours and photos at the top of your search results.

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